Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Easter Fun!!

We had lots of fun this Easter. It was nice to spend time together as a family. We got to have the Michel Easter dinner at the school. Its a fun place to go, especially for our family. When you have 20+ grandkids, its nice to go somewhere they have alot of space to run around!! My mom saved all the dye that the grade 5 classes used to color eggs. The kids got to choose from 20 colors to make thier eggs BEAUTIFUL!! I just wish I got to color a few eggs......but it was more important to keep everything somewhat clean, than take time to color my own.
We also went to Great Falls for a couple days. We stayed in the new Holiday Inn Express. They have a fun pool with a waterslide. The waterslide is super fast. Lilly really enjoyed playing in the little pool with the hippo, and stealing everyone else's water toys!!

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