Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Love To See The Temple....

On Mothers Day we went to Cardston to a baby blessing. It was an absolute GORGEOUS day, so we went for a walk around the Temple. I am so grateful for my little family!! It was nice to be able to be around the Temple with my family and know that we will be together forever!! I love my kids so much, they mean THE WORLD to me. I am also very lucky to have such an amazing husband!! Chad is perfect for me!! My Mothers Day was wonderful.

Crusin' to Cozumel!!!!!!

So I am SOOOOOOO lucky! My boss sent all us girls on a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico! We had soo much fun. I missed my kids like crazy, it was a good thing Chad was home with them. So we flew to Houston, Texas, slept over and then boarded the ship in Galvaston. We cruised to Cozumel and then back to Texas. I had so much fun doing nothing!! Seriously, when we werent in classes, we layed on deck and soaked in the hot mexican sun!! I want to go back!

Easter Fun!!

We had lots of fun this Easter. It was nice to spend time together as a family. We got to have the Michel Easter dinner at the school. Its a fun place to go, especially for our family. When you have 20+ grandkids, its nice to go somewhere they have alot of space to run around!! My mom saved all the dye that the grade 5 classes used to color eggs. The kids got to choose from 20 colors to make thier eggs BEAUTIFUL!! I just wish I got to color a few eggs......but it was more important to keep everything somewhat clean, than take time to color my own.
We also went to Great Falls for a couple days. We stayed in the new Holiday Inn Express. They have a fun pool with a waterslide. The waterslide is super fast. Lilly really enjoyed playing in the little pool with the hippo, and stealing everyone else's water toys!!

Last 6 months......in a nutshell!

So i'm trying to catch up a bit on the past events. I started working at Gibb Orthodontics in October and since then my life has turned into a whirlwind!!! I started working 2 days a week, then went to 3 days a week, then went to 4 days. I absolutly LOVE it there!! I thoroughly enjoy going to work and being around everyone there. Everyone is sooo nice and we have lots of fun together.
Now i'm back to 2 days a week and finding more time to do things......like blogging!! So here are a few pics from the last 6 months!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall is Here!!

I love fall!! The color of the trees, the smell in the air, the freshness of nature. I was having a hard time looking out the windows and seeing the trees changing. I love it when the leaves change color, but I felt like it was way to soon. After all, where was summer? But, I figured I should just suck it up and enjoy it. So I did. I love canning and making things from scratch and making good healthy things. So fall is the perfect time to get all that good healthy fresh veggies and fruits to make all that good healthy fresh stuff!! We went to a tree at I have no idea who's house, and picked some apples. Home made applesauce and fruit leather are my fave!! I love to use applesauce in alot of recipes instead of oil, its so much better for you, and it tastes great!!

The kids had fun picking apples, Lilly just dumped the buckets out when they got full, but it was fun. And it is always worth it when you get to sit down and take a big bite of applesauce muffins!! So Good!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Pics!!!

So, we finally got our family pictures done. I have been trying to do this for only about a year!! We got them done by my friend Kaylee Ralph. She is so good!! Tons of really good ideas, and great with the kids. I totally recommend her. It was so fun to get them done. So those are some of my favorites.